Privacy policy

1. Personal data collected by OOO Mawisoft

We collect information, provided by users, including:

  1. Contact information you fill in Mawisoft Software registration forms, or provide us when you contact our support service.
  2. User data - any information you load in Mawisoft software in any forms.
  3. Other information you provide to Mawisoft for purposes described in clause 2.

2. Data collection purposes

Collecting, storing and processing data described in cause 1 is made for following purposes:

  1. To identify users;
  2. To organize interation between Mawisoft and User during Mawisoft software usage;
  3. To provide user ability to store, process and search user provided data usable way;
  4. To interact Mawisoft software and other software you connect using API;

3. Data processing and personal data disclosing conditions.

  1. Personal data processing, including storing and removing is made according to Mawisoft software purpose and described in user manual and other documentation available online.
  2. Disclosing personal data to third parities can be done when:
    1. User gives clear permission for dislosing the information by e-mail.
    2. Disclosing personal data is necessary to protecting legal andy copy rights of Maiwosft in case of violation of Mawisoft software license agreements or Mawisoft copyright.
    3. Disclosing is prescribed by judgment or any other legal acts according to international or local law.

4. Limitation of liability

  1. Mawisoft doesn't check or control information stored on it's software by users.
  2. User guarantees that information stored in the Mawisoft software is got legal way and doesn't violates local or international law.
  3. Mawisoft is not responsible of using data loaded from Mawisoft software through API or any other way by third party software.

5. Personal data protection

Mawisoft makes efforts to protect personal data from leaks or illegal use, including:

  • Restricting unauthorized access.
  • Protecting user session data.
  • Refining and enhacing data protection logic.

6. Google services integration

    CRM SalesMax can export events to Google Calendar if user turnes corresponging option on. CRM SalesMax doesn't read or modify any events in google calendar which weren't created by the Mawisoft software itself.

7. Conclusion

    This privacy policy can be updated by Mawisoft unilaterally by publishing newer version at the same URL

8. Contact information

OOO "Mawisoft"»
630055, Russian Federation, Novosibirsk, Musy Dzhalila str. 3/1