Maximize productivity of Every Sales Person

CRM SalesMax organizes work with clients
on new level of quality

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Sales pipeline CRM

Streamlines clients processing.
More calls, more meetings - higher sales

Makes work of every employee easy to manage
Objective information of every piece of work.
The whole sales department is under real-time control
Simple solutions for complex tasks
Descriptive infomation layout.
Quick access to necessary data
Automates routine tasks
Contracs, Invoices, Bills
Few clicks for doing much work
Rich toolkit for reaching great results
Plans and reports, forecasts, analytics.
Procurement, Stock management, Products management

How will it affect my business?

SalesMax increases abitlity of every salesman to maintain
up to 500 - 1000 simultaneous clients

Moreover your company service gets even better

The system makes work with clients ordered and easier to perform
Makes habbits to every sales of planning and reporting every piece of work
Simple tasks delegation and results control
Transactions Workflow from Inquiriy to Shippment
Instant information access
Fine grained access control
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